TronX Edge Dangler Stickhandling Trainer

TronX Edge Dangler Stickhandling Trainer

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Develop soft hands with the edge dangler. This stickhandling trainer allows you to create your own drills and improve your stickhandling abilities.

Crafted with high-strength steel shafts and a robust polyethylene base, the edge dangler is a lightweight yet durable tool for your extensive training sessions for on or off the ice.

The fixed height allows you to work with both pucks and balls making it easy to practice multiple techniques.

Dangler height can handle hockey balls and pucks.

Steel shafts with polyethylene bases.

Customisable setups with the removable pop-up shafts.

For off and on-ice use.

Lightweight and portable design.

Each steel shaft beam is 19 inches in length perfect for stick handling.