True AX5 Goalie Stick


True is proud to bring their newest iteration in the True composite stick line. The True AX5 Senior Goalie Stick is optimized to provide the playmaking ability of a foam core stick, with the durability benefits of a carbon fiber design.

Starting down at the paddle and blade, the True AX5 is designed with BRT+ technology that is distributed throughout the paddle, blade and heel which provides improved balance all while increasing durability from constant impacts.

By redistributing materials within the shaft, paddle, and blade, the balance point of the AX5 has been shifted closer to the goaltender’s hand and decreases weight from the previous model. The AX5 Goalie Stick also features a redesigned flex zone that is optimized for enhanced power and balance, providing faster load times for quicker passes.

Finally, at the handle of the True AX5, you will notice the all new redesigned grip pattern which appears as a “paint splatter”. This grip is stretched across the handle and the design covers the ideal amount of surface area that will provide you with the most confident grip possible.