True AX5 Senior Hockey Stick

True AX5 Senior Hockey Stick



The True AX5 Stick delivers elite performance for players seeking quick release shots while remaining budget-conscious. Like the category-leading AX9, the AX5 features our redefined optimized low kick profile for lightning-fast explosive release from any position on the ice.

  • Heritage: A4.5 HT
  • Level of Play Guideline: Performance
  • Construction: True One-Piece
  • Shaft Dimensions: Round Corners / Concave Sidewalls
  • Flex Point: Low-Kick
  • Weight: 434 grams (based on an 85 flex MC curve)


  • Construction:
    • SmartPly with Carbon Composite
      • True’s unique combination of key materials provides industry-leading responsiveness and impact strength
    • Axenic True-One Piece Construction
      • Patented compression molding process delivers second to none consistency in shaft wall construction for premium shot power and overall balance
  • Flex Profile:
    • Low-Kick Point
      • Ideal for players who prefer a quick shot release over shot power, which requires less time and effort to load the stick
  • Geometry:
    • Round Corners with Concave Sidewalls
  • Grip:
    • Matte grip finish
      • Allows for a secure grip without compromising mobility
  • Blade:
    • BRT+ (Braided Rib Technology Plus)
      • Braided rib structure helps create a stronger, more durable and lighter blade
    • Carbon Twill Weave Wrap
      • High-end, external wrap provides a better balance point and enhanced puck feel
  • Flex: 75, 85, 95

Sizing Chart

We recommend choosing the flex rating that puts your specific height and weight at the middlemost point in both categories. A common rule of thumb is to select a flex rating by dividing your body weight (lbs) in two and subtracting another 10-15 flex points. See the articles below for more detailed information on sizing and selecting hockey sticks.


Size Flex Stick Length Player Height Player Weight
JR 40 52″ 4’9″ – 5’5″ 60 – 100 lbs
INT 58 56″ 5’1″ – 5’9″ 95 – 135 lbs
SR 75 59″ 5’5″ – 6’2″ 130 – 170 lbs
SR 85 59″ 5’5″ – 6’2″ 150 – 190 lbs
SR 95 59″ 5’5″ – 6’2″ 170 – 210 lbs

Please note: Orders for this product will be placed monthly on the 20th. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery from this date.


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