True Catalyst 3X Senior Hockey Stick



The True Catalyst 3X Stick offers incredible performance, durability and playability at this opening price point.  It weighs just 450 grams (85 flex) with the playability and feel of top-end sticks from just a few years ago.

The advanced Axenic one-piece construction helps to shed weight and improving overall performance compared to its fused two-piece counterparts. Axenic also works with the mid-kick flex profile to give players hard shot power with minimal effort, making it ideal for defensemen or players who just like to shoot from further out on the net.

Level of Play Recreational
Flex Profile Mid Kick
Weight 450 grams (85 flex)
Heritage New
Model Number CAT3
Available Flexes 65, 75, 85


Axenic One-Piece Construction
Patented compression molding process that delivers industry-leading consistency and energy transfer.
Braided Rib Technology (BRT)
Dual carbon fiber ribs offer an excellent puck feel with long-term durability that lasts.


Construction Axenic One-Piece Construction
Materials Carbon Fiberglass
Grip Finish Tacky Grip
Shaft Dimensions Square Corners, Concave Sidewalls
Stick Lengths 60″


Kick Point Mid-Kick
Shot Profile Maximum Power
Shaft Taper Traditional


Construction BRT
Materials Braided Carbon Fiber Ribs
Traditional Foam
Face Texture Textured
Available Curves MC, TC2.5T


Please note: Orders for this product will be placed monthly on the 20th. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery from this date.