How to Apply Palmskinz

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Warning: Please test PalmSkinz / GripSkinz in a small area first before applying. Chameleon Sports will not be held responsible for any damage to equipment or personal injury from the installation, use or removal of this product. Installation will require sharp objects and a heat blowing device that should only be handled by an adult. Please read and follow all safety warnings of these items before use.


  1. When you receive your order, unpack and unroll your PalmSkinz / GripSkinz material. Don’t be alarmed by the curvature or any fold lines on the product. It will not affect the adhesion or look of your PalmSkinz / GripSkinz material.
  2. Before you begin cutting the PalmSkinz / GripSkinz material, you should make the piece big enough to cover the entire area you are replacing. For example, if you have a small hole in the middle of a finger, you should cover the ENTIRE finger, not just a piece the size of the hole.  The reason for this is that you need to have enough adhesive to make contact with the old palm material to form a proper bond. If your hole is the size of a dime and you put PalmSkinz / GripSkinz on in the size of a nickel, there won’t be much adhesive to bond with the old palm. In other words, the more you put on, the better the product will hold.
  3. Also before you begin cutting, your old palm must be COMPLETELY DRY. Any dampness or moisture will cause PalmSkinz / GripSkinz to not bond properly and will result in the product not working as intended.  Sarge recommends using a hair dryer to get rid of any trace of moisture
  4. If your strategy is to cover the entire palm, DO NOT try to cut an entire palm out. You want to do this in the sections described below. For example, cut the fingers, thumb and palm separately and adhere them separately to the old palm.
  5. You can begin in one of 2 ways. You can a) apply masking or painters tape to the area and trace out a template. Place the template on top of the PalmSkinz / GripSkinz material and cut or b) take measurements of the section and cut out that piece. Trim afterwards with scissors as needed. You want to go right to the edge of the palm, not over it. You don’t want to leave any “lips” around the edges for things to get hung on. Please keep in mind there will be a very small amount of shrinkage when the PalmSkinz / GripSkinz material gets wet. Sarge recommends rounding off any exposed corners as this will reduce the likelihood of the corner peeling
  6. Once the piece is cut, get ready to peel the white adhesive backing. It’s important to try to get this put on the glove as accurately as possible on the first try as if you try to re-stick it, it won’t have the same adhesion qualities on the second or third try. Peel the white adhesive backing from the back of the PalmSkinz / GripSkinz material and lay it down on the area of the glove that you are replacing as ACCURATELY as possible. Try not to touch the corners of the material, try to grab the piece in the middle.
  7. When pressing the new PalmSkinz / GripSkinz material down onto the glove, make sure you get into every little nook and crevasse. Push down with force by putting your hand inside the glove and use your other hand to apply pressure. We also recommend you use some heat (just warm, not hot) by using a hair dryer or heat gun (low setting) and then pressing down on the material again while it’s still warm.
  8. TO REMOVE THE STICKINESS INSIDE THE GLOVE, rub baby powder or talcum powder on the area inside the glove.
  9. Once this is complete, take your scissors and trim any excess PalmSkinz / GripSkinz material around the area (if any). This should leave you with a finished product. Once the trimming is complete, go around the area and apply pressure again to make sure there is a solid bond all around the area. DON’T TRY TO PEEL IT TO SEE HOW WELL IT HOLDS!!! You’re just creating a spot for it to peel. Please go to #10 for what to do from here…
  10. We HIGHLY recommend not touching the glove again for 72 hours (3 days) in a room temperature environment. If you follow the instructions above and wait 72 hours, you’ll get a proper bond that will last a lot longer than if you don’t. Can you use it right away? Yes you can however, we make no promises about the product’s effectiveness. The longer you leave it to set, the better it will hold. The difference between the bond in the first few hours and the first few days is quite significant. It needs as much “dry time” as it can get in the first few days.
  11. From there, just hold up your glove and look in amazement at the great job you just did!