Superfeet Carbon Pro Hockey Insoles

Superfeet Carbon Pro Hockey Insoles

$79.99 inc GST

Superfeet Carbon Pro Hockey Insoles are the solution for comfort, stability, and maximum production in your skates. The low profile design and elevated heel help your foot remain stabilized, connecting you to your skate more consistently and efficiently. This increased stability then translates into optimal energy transfer and more explosive skating!

Vented construction in the Carbon Pro offers better air circulation inside the skate boot, and a moisture wicking top cover helps prevent odor and reduces friction between your foot and your skate. This insole is the real deal and certainly doesn’t part from Superfeet’s already fantastic reputation in the insole game.

  • Sizing is based on skate size
  • Low profile shape for increased stability, control and comfort
  • Vented construction improves air circulation
  • Moisturewick™ Top cover with odor-control

*Remove Superfeet prior to skate baking procedure. Once baked, please insert Superfeet back into the skate for optimal comfort and performance.