True Catalyst 7X3 Senior Hockey Stick

True Catalyst 7X3 Senior Hockey Stick

$339.99 inc GST

The True Catalyst 7X3 Stick redefines elite performance, durability, and shot power at an accessible price. Weighing a mere 383 grams (85 flex), it’s 27 grams lighter than its predecessor and even lighter than the 9X stick, all without the hefty price tag.

True has completely revamped the 7X3 from the ground up, integrating cutting-edge technologies like ResFlo, Innovative Foam Core, and QRS Blade Technology. The new foam core material ensures exceptional strength while simultaneously shedding weight without compromising durability. The Quad Rib System enhances energy transfer and accuracy with four strategically placed reinforcements, while Focused Resin Flow boosts overall stick durability and consistency.

A standout improvement this year is the Precision Layering Design (PLD), typically reserved for high-end models. This advanced carbon layering pattern maintains durability, strength, and energy transfer properties with less material, resulting in a significant reduction in weight.


Precision Laminate Design (PLD)
Advanced layering process that makes it possible to shed weight without compromising strength, durability or energy transfer.
Quad Rib System (QRS)
Four strategically placed ribs throughout the core create a stable structure and aligns with puck impact points, which provides some of the best precision and power in the game.
Innovative Foam Core
This new material enhances strength while reducing weight, all while surpassing True’s own durability standard. The enhanced compaction in the laminate is the biggest improvement compared to the previous generation.