True Hzrdus 9X Ice Skates

True Hzrdus 9X Ice Skates

$1,149.99$1,299.99 inc GST

The True HZRDUS 9X Skate is the perfect fit for the power skater that needs top-notch fit, responsiveness and speed out of their skates. The composite one-piece boot with NeuroFit+ Technology sets the bar for elite hockey skates at any price. The level of moldability paired with the already anatomically correct shell design gives players the best fitting power skate from True Hockey to date.

Another standout benefit to the one-piece boot, aside from fit and power, is the weight reduction properties. Unlike traditional two-pieces, the HZRDUS 9X doesn’t require the glue and nails that hold the outsole to the bottom of the boot. Similarly, the low-profile foam HZRDUS tongue construction helps to shed weight while the robust foam reinforced and the integrated t-guard  maintain pro-level impact and lace-bit protection.

Internally, True saved their best liner for last. The HydroFoam liner not only excels at moisture management but it’s built to last. The Clarino topping is the pro-preferred material based on how well it repels sweat while keeping feet comfortably locked into place. The multi-density memory foam feels great right out of the box but the magic happens when they’re baked. The composite shell and these foams hug the foot like no other skate, giving players the feeling that these 9X’s were made exactly for their feet.


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